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mourning_souls's Journal

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Cemetery art and photography
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Cemetery Photography and Art.

Welcome to the Mourning Souls Live Journal community.

This community is for cemetery photographers, cemetery artists, and anyone else who appreciates and admires the beauty of cemeteries.

If you have any personal photos of cemeteries, or cemetery art please feel free to join this community and share.

This community was developed and is mantianed by Andromeda (queenhalloween) and co-moderated by lavajin, ennev, and xanas.

Cemetery related community promos are welcomed, cemetery photography is an art everyone should share.
Thanks guys.

*Please be polite and use lj-cuts after 1 large or 2 small photos. If you're unsure how to use lj-cut:

1. In the text box, add <lj-cut> or <lj-cut text="your text here"> where you wish the cut to begin.

2. Add </lj-cut> at the end of the cut.

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