joseph wright

A flock of Rookes

Rooke memorial, Rampisham Churchyard

Headstone in Rampisham Churchyard to the memory of:

Jane Elizabeth, wife
of Rev, Fredr J Rooke
died Nov 28th 1857 Aged
38 Years

Ellen Trelawny, second wife
of Rev Fredr J Rooke died July 2
1882 Aged 52 years

Frederick John Rooke
Curate and Rector of this Parish
For 51 years, died Sept 14th 1894
Aged 77 years

Surrounded by memorials to sons and daughters who died in childhood.

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St. Francis Xavier

I took these photos in September of 2017, and set them aside to post here but never got around to it. This cemetery is called St. Francis Xavier. It didn't used to be called this. The sign is new. Even on Find-A-Grave, it didn't used to be called this. But I'm having trouble recalling what it was called.


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